Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter

Hybrid Racing
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• Shift knob not included with shifter
• Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
• Adjustable throw from 90%-40% of stock throw for both front/back and left/right motion
• Knob is height adjustable
• Central shaft features unique splined design for added knob placement adjustability
• Designed to use stock RSX or Hybrid Racing shift linkage
• 432 Possible Configurations!
• Accepts M10x1.5 shift knobs (standard Honda/Acura shift knob thread)
• Contains Pure Sexiness

**Shift knob not included with shifter**

 For years, installing a shifter into a K-swapped vehicle meant cutting a large section out of chassis' center tunnel to mount an OEM RSX shifter to a stainless steel plate. This meant that the engine swap was more or less irreversible. That's why Hybrid Racing developed a bolt-in shifter specifically meant for K-swapped Honda and Acura chassis.

 The Hybrid Racing bolt-in Short Shifter mounts to your chassis using 6 M8 bolts (only 4 are used on cars that have previously had a Karcepts shifter adapter plate installed). Two bolts utilize the stock bolt holes behind the stock shifter location, and four holes must be drilled in the center tunnel for the other two bolts (no drilling is required if you are replacing a Karcepts shifter adapter plate). The drilled holes are located under the center console cover so that they are hidden once the shifter is installed.

Generally Ships in 2-3 Business Days