B&M Short Shifter

All B&M products are designed here in the USA by in-house engineers. B&M uses only the finest material and hold the assembly of our products to the highest tolerances. Please assure yourself of the B&M quality and don’t confuse it with that of lesser or foreign manufactures. Who else provides a lifetime warranty on many of their products? B&M's philosophy has always been to build the best parts available, at any cost, and the racing world has responded by making B&M the #1 performance transmission company in the world.


B&M Racing Sport Short Shifter Race Model 88-00 Civic / 90-01 Integra

The cars that defined the import sports compact industry…Shouldn’t it deserve the shifter from a company that started the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association? B&M has been synonymous with performance aftermarket shifters, put one in your Honda Civic and find out what 50 plus year’s worth of engineering know-how can do for you.

B&M Racing Sport Short Shifter 180SX / 240SX