LS/ B20 VTEC Kits

BlackWorks B-Series Vtec Conversion Kit

BWR Part # BWVC-0115 & BWVC-0100

- BlackWorks offers a Full Vtec Conversion kit for people that want to use an LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC set-up.
- The BlackWorks kit is one of the easiest and most complete way to supply oil to the head without any machining required

Blackworks Vtec Conversion Kit (With No Gasket)

Blackworks Vtec Conversion Kit (With No Gasket)
BWR Part # BWOL-002

BlackWorks LS VTEC & B20 VTEC Replacement Head Gasket

-Cometic 81.5mm MLS Head Gasket
.030" (0.762mm) Standard Thickness

-Cometic 84.5mm MLS Head Gasket
.030" (0.762mm) Standard Thickness

Evolution LS/B20 VTEC Dowel Pins

Tired of having to bring your cylinder head to the machine shop across town to have the dowel holes drilled? Tired of spending $75-100 at the machine shop and waiting a week? No more. Pro-Fab Designs brings you the VTEC conversion dowels that make cylinder head swaps a snap. Simply insert the dowels and install the new VTEC head on your LS/B20 Block. (Please note the oil supply hole in head must still be tapped and plugged - we offer the kit with plugs for that below.) 


Precision CNC machined from 6061T6 billet aluminum-Provides oil supply when you to add a VTEC head to a non-VTEC block-Can be used for a turbo oil feed to supply your turbo with clean filtered oil -Works with existing oil cooler set-ups and installs in less than 10 minutes -Sandwich plate has two ( 2 ) ports.
1/8" NPT ( pipe ) port -8 AN O-ring ( Boss ) port that will accept numerous fittings -Can be tailored to your needs.

OEM Honda- B-Series Type-R Oil-Pump. (ITR)

More oil-pressure, Works with all B-series motors (B16, B17, B18, B20B) An LS-VTEC must.

Evolution B-Series Oil Pump

Everything is moving faster in your engine when you play hard - so should the oil. Stock Honda Oil Pumps are Remachined for increased pressure, faster oil flow & are already tapped for add on oil pressure gauges. Evolution Part # EV-2803.

ARP Honda B20B, with B16A head, 12pt head stud kit w/Undercut Studs

ARP Part # 208-4306

ARP Rod Bolts for 1.2-1.8L Acura & Honda 8mm, 208-6001

ARP Rod Bolts for 1.2-1.8L Acura & Honda 8mm OE Size. Commonly used for upgrading D15, D16, B18A-B, and B20 engines due to their small 8mm rod bolt size. If you are planning on going over 6400RPM, these are a must. This is one of the first steps in builing a reliable LS-VTEC or B-20-VTEC Engine. NOTE: These will NOT fit aftermarket rods. Part # ARP 208-6001

Zerg Industries 2 Layer Head Gasket

Zerg Industries 2 layer thin head gasket for Honda B series motors. Features a thin 2 layer design for increased compression. Available in 81mm and 84mm sized. Direct fit for any B series VTEC Motor. Will work with LSVTEC and B20VTEC. Increased compression approximately 4/10 of a point.

Zerg Industries LS VTEC Conversion Kit


Zerg Industries Honda / Acura Magnetic Drain Plug Set includes both engine and transmission plugs to help extend engine life by removing harmful metal particles from your engine oiling system thus prolonging bearing and transmission gear life.


BlackWorks Part # BWVC-DP

Skunk2 B18A/B, B20B/Z Alpha Series Connecting Rods

Skunk2 Part # 306-05-1130

Fitment: 1990 - 2001 Acura Integra (GS, LS)
1990 - 1999 Acura Integra (RS)
Also used with LS/ B20 VTEC Conversions

Blackworks Universal Oil Filter Block Adaptor

BWR Part # BWOL-005
This Blackworks Racing Oil Filter Sandwich Plate with fit most Honda & Acura Applications.