We carry a full line of Password:JDM Dry Carbon/Kevlar Composites & NRG Carbon8 Products.

Password Dry Carbon Aero Grille (EK 99-00 Civic)

Password Dry Carbon Ram Air Scoop

NRG Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover for B18C / B16A

NRG Innovations Part # CARB-V100
NRG - Spark Plug Cover (Carbon), for Honda/Acura B18C of B16A VTEC Engine.

NRG Carbon8 Carbon Fiber Interior Deck

Trunk covers for specific applications. Provides additional styling with little added weight while providing security for contents of trunk by covering the contents. Typically replaces the factory piece and provides a more stylish look to the vehicle.

NRG Carbon8 Gear Console

NRG Carbon8 Black Carbon Fiber Frog Eye Gauge Pods

NRG Carbon8 Carbon Fiber Mirrors (Spoon Style)

NRG Carbon 8 Carbon Fiber Overlay Hood Pins

NRG Innovations Part # CHL-100

NRG Carbon8 Carbon Fiber Canards 4pc

NRG Black Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - K-Series

The NRG Innovations Carbon8 Carbon Fiber Engine Cover complements the engine bay of vehicle specific applications. Made with the highest quality glossy finish carbon fiber, gives the engine bay the NEXT RACING GENERATION in under hood styling. NRG Part # CARB-E15

NRG Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

These seats are designed with the best of comfort and styling in mind. Great lumbar support and holding feel as opposed to the stock seats. Add that next level of comfort and styling to your vehicle. Includes sliders. Brackets needed for complete installation.

NRG Carbon8 Carbon Fiber Roofs

NRG Carbon8 Carbon Fiber roof overlays are made by extreme high quality pressing mold grade A+ real carbon fiber and epoxy finished. Only 0.078” in thickness with a quality fit on your roof easy installation . Gives your car a more aggressive exterior than ever.