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Zerg Industries 2 Layer Head Gasket

Zerg Industries 2 layer thin head gasket for Honda B series motors. Features a thin 2 layer design for increased compression. Available in 81mm and 84mm sized. Direct fit for any B series VTEC Motor. Will work with LSVTEC and B20VTEC. Increased compression approximately 4/10 of a point.

KAIZENSPEED H-Series Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit

The KAIZENSPEED balance shaft eliminator kit includes ALL necessary parts to cleanly eliminate your balance shafts for ALL H-series and F-series engines!

JDM B-Series CTR Crank Pulley (Single Pulley)

Genuine Honda Civic Type R N1 crank pulley. Designed for the Civic type R this pulley only weights 1.8 pounds. With over 8 lbs in weight savings over factory this pulley is fully balanced from Honda and will reduce the weigh the motor must turn and frees up more power for the wheels instead of turning useless weight. It's like installing an expensive lightened flywheel. Your motor will rev faster and it will not cost hundreds of dollars in parts and labor. It has all the factory timing markers, works with factory crank pulley tools, and is zinc plated.

Evolution B-Series B-Series Block Guard

Buddy Club Racing Spec Head Gasket (B16A/ B18C)


Zerg Industries Honda / Acura Magnetic Drain Plug Set includes both engine and transmission plugs to help extend engine life by removing harmful metal particles from your engine oiling system thus prolonging bearing and transmission gear life.

V2 Competition Magnetic Oil Trans Drain Bolts Honda

V2 Competition magnetic oil and transmission drain bolts made to fit ACURA and HONDA engines. These bolts are made to collect metal shaving and debris from your engine. You will be getting two, one for the oil and one for the transmission. 

Skunk2 Alpha Series Rods

Skunk2 all-new Alpha Series Connecting Rods, available for most popular Honda and Acura applications.

BDL Industries - Block Guard - Honda / Acura B-Series

Available for B16, B20, & B18 Motors

Skunk2 Ultra Series K-Series Race Rockers

Skunk2 Racing Part # 348-05-0100

Skunk2 K-Series Billet 106mm Crankshaft

Skunk2 Racing Part # 339-05-0106
106mm Crank
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A'PEXi Part Number: 814-H001
Engine Fitment: B16A, B16B, B18C
Gasket Bore: 82mm
Engine Bore Size (mm) :81mm (factory)
Gasket Thickness (mm) :T=0.45mm
Compression (A'PEXi Head Gasket) :B16= 11.0, B18= 11.3
Special Notes For High-Compression (NA) applications