Greddy Electronics


GReddy Part # 15500214 Size: 89 x 36.5 x 22.8mm

PRofec E-01 silver 112x88mm boost controller / e-programmer (req. A/B USB cable) 15500207

GReddy's new super multi-tasker is the PRofec e-01 designed as a combination boost-controller, data display / logger and e-manage programmer. The e-01 can provide superior boost response, increased boost, warning meter functions, 3 channel data-logging and access to all the programming features provided with the latest e-manage support tool.   Even when used as a boost controller only, the e-01 has features to smooth out the boost curve. With both an auto and manual setting for both external and actuator style wastegates, the new PRofec can alter its new compact, high capacity solenoid valve via various RPM ranges. The large LCD screen with green electro-luminescent backlighting is easy to see. Other standard features include two preset boost levels, a timed over-take boost and compatibility with our Remote Switching System. The data display can view 3 different data channels simultaneously such as boost, RPM or any other channel inputted by the e-manage. The data can be logged up for 3 hours on an SD card while also giving warning set points and peak and hold values.   There is also a non-PRofec e-01 version that is only used for e-manage programming and datalogging. (Some features require optional harness to be accessed.)

REBIC IV INJ. CONTROLLER addional injector conroller 15500110

The Rebic IV is designed to help add additional fuel to any forced induction system. Install additional injector(s) on your charge pipe, serge tank or intake manifold and program the Rebic IV to control the additional injector(s)' duty cycle. This unit works independently from any other system and it can supplement your main system (factory, stand-alone, even carburetors). Control 1 to 8 sub-injectors by tuning in a fuel map from three adjustable parameters: boost, RPM and injector duty cycle.


Based on the very popular B-Spec., the all new PRofec B-Spec. II's basic function to increase boost is as easy as the original, with an added built in boost pressure display and optional features like real-time, peak or last boost display (in either kPa or PSI). There are optional warning and boost limiter functions that can be programmed to offer much more control. The two presets values can be stored and are executed by a larger capacity inline solenoid valve. This unit does not require extensive programming and is ideal for low to high boost levels for single or twin turbos with actuator or external wastegates. The GReddy PRofec B-Spec. II   is available in black or silver cased head units.

FULL AUTO TURBO TIMER black 80x21mm full auto timer, volts, attack, stopwatch 15500020 GREDDY

The basic function of a turbo timer is to allow the vehicle to idle the engine for a timed period, with the ignition key removed. This allows the engine oil and turbo center cartridge to cool down and prevent internal turbo damage.   GReddy Full Auto Timers pack tons of features into one economical, compact unit. In addition to two standard programmable count down presets (P-1, P-2), the GReddy Full Auto Timer also has two auto timer modes (A-L, A-H). The modes estimate the driving RPM according to the vehicles alternator signal and then recommend a count down time. Also new are the stopwatch/lap time and attack modes along with a built in voltmeter and speedometer. Still standard are the optional parking brake and speedo safety hook-ups.