Domestic Short Hubs

NRG Innovations Short Hubs for US Domestic Vehicles

NRG Short Hub Dodge, GM, GMC, Cheverolet, Jeep, Pontiac

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-170H

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NRG Short Hub Ford Mustang (05+), Focus, Mazda Speed 3

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-175H

NRG Short Hub for 72-82 Ford Mustang SRK-172H

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-172H

NRG Short Hub for Chevrolet Corvette 2006-2013

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-177H

NRG Short Hub for 79-04 Ford Mustang (SRK-174H)

NRG Innovations Part #SRK-174H Designed specifically for 79-93 Ford Mustang. The hub fits over the shaft. It requires a quick release to perform the mount. Made with high end aluminum which adds light weight and durability.

NRG Short Hub for 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro

NRG Innovations has developed another complement to their quick release steering wheel kits. These units are designed specifically for 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro. NRG Part # SRK-178H
Note: Many of these components are not compatible with Factory SRS/ airbag systems & Cruise Control Systems