H2B Swap Accessories

Evolution Alternator relocating bracket for F/H2B swap

Evolution Industries Alternator relocating bracket for F/H2B swap, or standard H22A applications. The kit will work with H-Series or D-Series alternator. Part # 27408

Innovative Mounts H Series Alternator Relocator Bracket # 59185

Innovative Mounts H Series Alternator Relocator Bracket is designed to relocate an H Series Alternator. Ideal for all H Series swaps and H2B conversions. Lowers the factory H22 Alternator to where the AC compressor was originally mounted. Fits both standard and 1/2" offset for use in applications where balancing shafts have been removed. Lifetime warranty. Note: Uses a 32" belt. Part # 59185

Evolution PCV Valve Extension

Evolution Industries Billet Low profile PCV valve extension. Part # 28322

Private Label MFG Stainless Steel H2B Race Headers

TRI-Y design header for H2B swap applications, 2.5in collector, Stainless Steel. Part # PLM-H22B-SP-HEADER

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HighEnd TRI-Y H2B Stainless Steel Race Headers

HighEnd TRI-Y H2B Stainless Steel Header

- Designed for high horsepower H2B swap applications
- CNC machined Flanges
- 2.5in collector, accepts Type R gasket
- Stainless Steel

- May require modification to exhaust flange or Catalytic-converter
and or crossmember modification depending on you chassis. Specially angled for you H2B swap.

Evolution/ Tilton Twin Disc H2B Flywheel

Evolution Part # 27406

Evolution/ Tilton Twin Disc H2B Clutch & Flywheel Combo

Tilton Clutch Kit's includes Evolution Twin Disc flywheel,2 ceramic 6 puck disc and clutch hat for H2B Swap. Also available for B2D & D2B Swaps.

Evolution Industries H2B Race Flywheel

Designed for use with Evolution H2B Conversion Kits.
Evolution Industries Part # 23208

11.5 lbs

Evolution Industries H-Series Replacement Crank Pulley

Evolution Version 2 Crank Pulley Part # EV-26634
- Precision machined from superior T7075 aircraft grade aluminum.
- Weighs 1.95 pounds versus 5.610 stock, saving you over 3 ½ pounds of rotational mass!
- Hard coat anodized and laser engraved for added wear resistance and longevity.
- Made to be used with stock H22 alternator ( 6-rib pulley)
- Measures at 6.1 inches versus 6.6 inch stock..
- Proudly made right here in the U.S.

Evolution Industries H-Series Crank Pulley

Evolution H22A/ H2B *Version 1 Crank Pulley. Part # 26630

Evolution Industries H22A Balance Shaft Cover Plate

Rear Balance Shaft Gear Cover Plate. Evolution Part #28320

Evolution Industries Halft Shaft B-Series

Half shaft B-Series for H2B swap, or a B-Series (Hydro Type) replacement. Made out of 4140 chromoly which makes it lighter and stronger than OEM.

Evolution Industries H2B Pillow Mount (HalfShaft Adapter)

Evolution Industries Part # EV-26108-P

KAIZENSPEED H-Series Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit

The KAIZENSPEED balance shaft eliminator kit includes ALL necessary parts to cleanly eliminate your balance shafts for ALL H-series and F-series engines!

Evolution H22A/ H2B Balance Shaft Removal Package