NRG Innovations Lug Nuts

NRG Innovations Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts for all ACURA, TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, MAZDA, NISSAN, and SUBARU applications

NRG Extended Lug Nuts 400 Tuner Series (4pk)

NRG Extended Forged 400 Series Aluminum Lug Nuts

NRG Lightweight Forged Steel Lug Nuts (4pk)

NRG Extended Lock Nuts 400 Tuner Series (4pk)

NRG Extended Forged Aluminum Locking Lug Nuts

NRG Lightweight Forged Aluminum Lock Nuts (4pk)

NRG Lug Nuts 700 Series (4pk)

NRG Forged Aluminum 700 Series Lug Nuts w removable end caps

NRG 700 Series Lug Nut Lock Set (4pk) T7075

NRG Part # LN-L700

NRG Extended Lock Nuts 7075 Series (4pk)

NRG Extended Forged Aluminum Locking Lug Nuts

NRG Extended Lug Nuts 7075 Series (4pk)

NRG Extended Forged Aluminum Lug Nuts

NRG Lug Nut Combo Packs (100 Series)

Includes a full set of either 12 or 16 regular 100 Series NRG lug nuts, 4 matching 100 Series NRG lock nuts and 1 NRG wheel lock. 12x1.5 or 12x1.25 Thread Pitch

NRG 500 Series Locking Lug Nut Combo Packs

The NRG Innovations newest 500 series lug nut. Forged from T7075 Aluminum for increased strength. A Unique 12 pt design, comes in 12x1.5 and 12x1.25, in sets for 4 lug or 5 lug applications. Lug nut measures 50mm in length and 21mm in width, 60 deg taper to fit most after market wheels.
 ** Lug nut will most likely not work with most factory wheels **

NRG 800 Series Lug Nut Set (4pk)

New NRG 800 Series Lugnuts and Wheel Locks are made from forged aluminum for lightweight durability and tapered for aftermarket standard and tuner style wheels. Each lugnut is open ended to accommodate extended studs. It features the new cross-hatched end grip for easier screw-in reducing thread wear. Available in six great colors and in 7075 high grade aluminum neochrome color to match any style. The 800 series come in M12 X 1.50 and M12 X 1.25 pitch lugnuts and wheel locks at 50mm length for that extra space needed for longer studs

NRG 800 Series Lock Nut Set (4pk)

Packages of NRG 800 Series lock nuts and locks are in quantities of 4

NRG Limited Edition Chrome Series 7075 Aluminum Extended lug nuts (4pk)

New NRG Limited Edition Chrome Series 7075 Aluminum Extended lug nuts.This limited edition chrome series is available in Gold Chrome, Neo-Chrome and Chrome Silver.

NRG Lightweight Forged Aluminum Black Lug Nuts (Short)

NRG LN-K100 Lug Nut Lock Key Socket Black Chrome

NRG Part # LN-K100 (3/8" Drive) For Use with NRG LN-L01, LN-L10 Lug Nuts
M12 x 1.5 application: Fits Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi etc.
M12 x 1.25 application: Fits Subarus, Nissans, etc.