NRG Quick Lock Hub

NRG Innovations stands true to it's name as an innovator. NRG has done it again with the best way to protect your car from theft - the NRG Quick Lock Hub! This NRG Quick Lock allows you to literally put a lock on your NRG Quick Release Hub. The problem before was that even with a quick release, someone could steal your car by attaching another steering wheel onto your hub. With the NRG Quick Lock, this can not happen anymore as it literally locks to your hub. The unit is made from solid steel and is a great way to prevent theft.

NRG Steering Wheel Quick Lock Hub

NRG Innovations Steering Wheel Quick Lock. NRG Part # SRK-101

NRG Quick Lock Holder

Powder-coated texture and aluminum material, compact styling and can be easily place in compact spaces. Includes all mounting hardware. Part # SRH-100

NRG Quick Lock Matte Black

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101MB

NRG Quick Lock Red

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101RD

NRG Quick Lock Rose Gold

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101RG

NRG Quick Lock Gun Metal

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101GM

NRG Quick Lock Chrome Gold

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101C/GD

NRG Quick Lock Hub Silver

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101LS

NRG Quick Lock Neochrome

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101MC

NRG Quick Lock Shine Black

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101LB

NRG Quick Lock Matt Blue

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101BL

NRG Quick Lock Purple

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101PP

NRG Quick Lock Green

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101GN

NRG Quick Lock New Blue

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101NB

NRG Quick Lock Orange

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-101OR